Sex and Health Enthusiasts
proudly brings you the world's first skin care system to promote
Intimate Fitness™.

S+HE Is...

The 1st skin care system to promote Intimate Fitness™ and sexual health by offering personal care products that go way beyond intimate hygiene. S+HE is the missing link to superior self confidence, comfort and overall sexual wellbeing. S+HE is formulated to balance, soothe, fortify and deeply moisturize skin that can be stressed from pH imbalance, excessive or incorrect hygiene, hair removal, sex friction, sports or medication.

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Who Is Sex and Health Enthusiasts?

We are a sex positive company that brings eight years of sexual health experience to develop an important missing link: a sexual health body care system

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Intimate Fitness™ skin care products



Sex and Health are intimately intertwined. Health can positively or negatively impact our sexuality. Good sex can be a boost to happiness and health. S+HE is specially designed to help boost self confidence, comfort and intimate fitness. Education and communication are also keys to a blissfully healthy sex lifestyle.


Better Health

More sex = increased happiness = longer life! 100% organic!


Sex Tip of the Week

We urge you to get intimate with yourself, not just others. Learn about your body, what turns you on, what turns you off. Everyone is different, and there are no hard and fast rules. Use a mirror, your hands, pleasure toys, literature and our posts. Yoga is also a great way to gain self awareness of your mind, body and soul. Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, so get close, dig deep and love what you discover.
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